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There was an idea to bring together a group of nerdy people. To talk about comics and all comic related things. For years, we’ve watched, read, and reviewed many things. To this day, we get together and discuss comic book movies, share some of our favorite storylines, and interview people in the comic book world!

We are the normal folk living in a world of heroes. We are the humans among the metahumans. We are Those Not So Super Dudes.

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Aug 5, 2022

This week, Jordan reviews the one-shot comic, Hawthorne The Clown from Correct Handed Comics!


They're supposed to bring joy and happiness. Not Hawthorne. Besides his chair and a cold beer, all he wants to do is cause fear and chaos. With an attitude. Elsewhere, a group of terrorists have taken hostages at a...

Jul 29, 2022

This week, our show is a little different in the sense that it's not technically our show!

We're happy to give you an episode of one of our spin-off podcasts called Killer Queen and the Movie Scene! Hosted by Jennifer Miller and one of our own, Jordan Smith, this episode reviews the latest movie in the MCU, Thor: Love...

Jul 22, 2022

This week, we give our thoughts about season 1 of Ms. Marvel and discuss how we feel about phase 4 so far and where we think it's heading!

Jul 15, 2022

This week, Jordan reviews local comic, There There!

While driving around, looking to photograph some wildlife, Michael, Adam, and Tanner accidentally hit a deer. They move him, say a few words, and continue on their way. Will the forest let them, though? 

The story and illustration is by Peri Penrod...

Jul 15, 2022

This week, Alec is back to talk all things Star Wars with you, the fans!

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